Energy Audits

ASHRAE Level I and II Energy Audits

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Condition Engineers (ASHRAE) define the following two levels of energy energy audits:

ASHRAE “Level I–Walk -through Assessment” assesses a building’s energy cost and efficiency by analyzing energy bills and conducting a brief survey of the building. For more information on this service, visit Partner Energy’s main website:

ASHRAE Level II–Energy Survey and Analysis includes  a more detailed building survey and energy analysis.  All energy uses within the building are segregated and analyzed individually.  A Level II energy audit analyzes costs of energy and identifies all economically viable opportunities to reduce energy consumption.  Energy saving capital investment opportunities are ranked by their payback periods so that building owners can easily identify their best opportunities to save money.

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Energy Benchmarking

Energy Audits to the ASHRAE Standards are the best way to benchmark and understand a building’s energy consumption; however, laws such as California Assembly Bill 1103 require energy disclosures whenever a property is leased, sold, or financed.    Commercial building owners are often interested in fulfilling these requirements with as little cost as possible.    Below are a couple of basic Energy Benchmarking methods that will be less expensive than an energy audit.

EPA’s Portfolio Manager The EPA provides free online software for analyzing and benchmarking buildings.  The Energy Star Portfolio Manager program is fairly well-known nationally and the Energy Star Label is a brand that communicates energy efficiency effectively to consumers.  The Energy Star Portfolio Manager relies on inputs such as energy consumption, climate, building use, and building type and delivers a 1 to 100 rating for the building.    For simple buildings, non-professionals can log-on and enter their building data and obtain a rating.    Energy Star requires that the inputs are verified by a professional engineer in order to issue the Energy Star Label.

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